Indirect judicial paternity/maternity test through grandparents



This test is a DNA analysis that allows the determination of the link between an individual and his or her parents with a genetic or biological legal evidentiary purpose.
It is legal or judicial evidence that has legal validity and cannot be anonymous.


The human being inherits a copy of the genetic information from the mother and another from the father. The paternity/maternity test is based on comparing the genetic information of two individuals to determine their possible biological relationship.

Utility: in civil family proceedings (inheritance, divorce, pensions and child custody).

If you wish to do a test of this type but there is an absence of the father or mother, we can carry out a parentage test with the same reliability than if they were available, with the collaboration of the parents of the absent parent, grandparents.

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How the test is performed
Taking a sample of buccal epithelium on cotton swabs.
Sample collection is fast and easy and painless.
The reliability of our results is absolute, we will analyze as many of the markers as necessary, at no extra cost to
Sample type
Buccal epithelium on cotton swab.
Appointment for samples to be taken at our facilities in Madrid or at any of our Partners
centers throughout the peninsula, to guarantee the identification of individuals and the maintenance of the chain
of custody of the samples, from the time they are taken until their analysis.
It is legal or judicial evidence that has legal validity.
Shipping and reception process
Not applicable if you come to our facilities.
If you go to a collaborating center, they will be the one in charge of the process of sending the samples to our

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