Judicial DNA Test



Genetic fingerprinting or genetic profiling is the analysis performed for distinguishing individuals from each other using samples of their DNA.


The genetic fingerprint of an individual is unique, and remains unalterable. throughout life and after the death of a person, so that serves to reliably identify individuals. The accuracy and reliability of these analyses allows their usefulness in forensic genetics, for the identification of individuals, inclusion or exclusion of suspects.

It is also used for the identification of human remains; for carrying out paternity/maternity or parentage tests for their immediate use or to be used at a later date, when necessary, to perform tests in order to establish; family origins, etc.

Proof of interest in: newborns; adoptions; wills and testaments/inheritance; missing persons; professionals at high risk of catastrophic accidents; and; mass graves.

Additional information

Delivery of results

Normal (10 days), Urgent (5 days)

Additional information

How the test is performed
Taking a sample of buccal epithelium on cotton swabs.
Sample collection is fast and easy and painless.
Sample type
Buccal epithelium on cotton swab.
Biological samples in other media: Consult in advance.
Appointment for samples to be taken at our facilities in Madrid or at any of our Partners
centers throughout the peninsula, to guarantee the identification of individuals and the maintenance of the chain
of custody of the samples, from the time they are taken until their analysis.
It is legal or judicial evidence that has legal validity.
Shipping and reception process
Not applicable if you come to our facilities.
If you go to a collaborating center, they will be the one in charge of the process of sending the samples to our

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